Sport S models 5700-5704

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The classic seat of the late 60's and early 70's was the Recaro Ideal .Featured in the Porsches and BMW and later on in various German sport coupes, this seat has made history. GTS classics is proud to present our version of that seat. We went as far as reproducing the shape of the foam and have made molds for it to ensure that each seat has the exact shape and form. Like the original, the seat tilts forward, but for better access to the rear we also offer the tilting brackets to lift the complete seat. Available in all the classic sport seat configurations of that period. We can also help you get your custom Sport S seat in the color and the configuration you want. Also available with this seat, are adjustable headrests. This seat is handmade with the highest quality and craftsmanship. Only available at your exclusive GTS classics dealers worldwide.

Sport S 5700 leatherette / corduroy $1195
This classic car seat, in corduroy, is the classic application and an ideal seat for your BMW coupe, your Porsche Targa or your Ford Capri. The Sport S seat can be ordered in black and in custom colors and in configurations to fit your car, taste and interior.

Sport S 5702 leatherette / basket weave $1195
The classic sport seat with the new original basket weave is typical for it's time period.We found a 95% original basket weave that we use now on all Sport S seats, to come even closer to your original interior. The Sport S seat can be ordered in black with grommets or other configurations or color scheme to match your car-even leather in the basket weave design is now available. Please contact GTS classics for lead-time.

Sport S 5701 leather $1455
For the top of the line Sport S, we have a wide selection of leather colors, leather structures and leather thickness to provide you with the best sport seats available. Give us a small color sample and we will attempt to come as close as possible to the original. The best quality and craftsmanship we can provide. Please contact GTS classics for lead-time and availability.

Sport S 5703 perforated leather / leather $1495
Our choice for the top of the line of the Sport S seat line. GTS classics offers this classic sport seat in various colors to match your car and interior. Depending on the make you have, we will match that manufacturer's pattern to get as close as possible to the original.

Sport S 5704 perforated leather / corduroy $1395
Like the Recaro sport seats of that period, GTS classics offers the perforated leather on the side bolsters and the classic corduroy in the center. This custom leather seat can be ordered in different color schemes. Please contact GTS classics to match the seat to your car, taste and interior.
Brackets for most Makes and Models
Brackets for all Porsches 911 and Porsches 356 are in stock.
Brackets are also available separately.
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