Nurburgring models 5500-5504

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Nurburgring seat (that's Nurburgring, like the race track ) This is the classic sport bucket seat used in many sports cars and sports sedans in the 60's and early 70's. This style was also the racer's and rallye driver's choice as the Nurburgring gives you the best support and comfort for long endurance races and rallies. A perfect handmade custom sport seat for your 2 seater, 2+2, off-roader, or as a passenger seat to our vintage racing seat the Rallye ST or the Sebring sport racing seat. The Nurburgring classic sport bucket seat is nonadjustable in itself. Only when mounted into the car can it be adjusted in height, tilt and seating position. A tilting bracket is available as an option as well as the 5-6-point-harness-option. Available in custom colors and custom pattern to match your classic car and interior. Please contact GTS classics.

Nurburgring 5502 leatherette / basket weave $595
The Nurburgring in basket weave is still our best selling sport seat, resembling the early Recaro sport seat or the Scheel bucket seat. We have tried to make it an even better classic sport seat, and with the classic basket weave it blends in with you classic interior. On most cars the Nurburgring will fit between the original mountings and give much more headroom for the taller drivers. Finally they can enjoy a sport seat in their classic car. The shown seat features the 5-6 point harness option, the lap belt opening for the drivers ed, rallies and autocross events. Another exclusive design feature by GTS classics.

Nurburgring 5500 leatherette / corduroy $655
With the classic corduroy inserts this Nurburgring is the classic sport seat. Recaro and Scheel were the ones to use these applications throughout the sport seat line. Corduroy gives you the classic look while holding you in place in this bucket seat for you driving, touring, or racing experience. Available in various colors. Please contact GTS classics for other choices or different fabrics

Nurburgring 5504 leather / corduroy $795
Handmade custom leather seat with corduroy inserts. The Nurburgring offers you this combination of Italian leather and corduroy in a classic sport bucket seat. Whether you go touring, rallying, or racing you will have that distinctive leather feeling and with a firm grip the Nurburgring holds you in place while enjoying your classic car. Please contact GTS classics for color, fabric or pattern options.

Nurburgring 5501 leather $895
Handmade in Italy with the finest leather and the best craftmanship, the Nurburgring is the classic custom leather seat you are looking for. We offer the classic sport seat which you couldn't get from Recaro or Scheel when you bought your classic car new. The Nurburgring is the perfect upgrade with color and pattern to match your car.

Nurburgring 5503 leather / perforated leather $945
This is the perfect custom leather seat for your classic car. The Nurburgring in leather with the perforated center gives you even more comfort in the sport bucket. As like all the other Nurburgring models, it is available in various colors (even though black is the classic color for classic sport seat) and is available with a lap hole for the 5-6-point-harness-option to give you the possibility of touring, rallying, and racing experience in this classic sport bucket seat.
GTS Seats offers the option of a 5-point harness, which is required by most car clubs and sport events. This option will accommodate a 6-point harness as well.

All products are handmade with a high quality steel frame, protected with zinc and polyurethane for a long life. The padding, which gives the firmness and comfort, consists of fire resistant marterials. BF Torino uses duraelastic swing belts instead of old fashioned springs which gives the seat a lower profile. The choices of leatherette, Italian leather and basket weave are made of the best quality and durability. The basket weave's imprint is deeper than in the 60's and perforated which results in higher seating comfort.

In 2000 the seats were crash tested by the DEKRA and approved by the European Union. We always carry stock but as all seats are handmade, please ask for availability. For special colors, patterns and fabrics please ask for a quote and lead time.

Warning and Legal Waiver: We all realize that Motorsport is dangerous and every day traffic can be as dangerous. Modifying and tuning any vehicle with other than the factory approved parts can endanger your safety. No expressed or implied warranty is made as to products' suitability for any use or ability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes that risk. GTS shall not be liable to purchaser or to any third party for any damages arising out of the purchase, installation, recommendation or use of any product or combination of products. It is the user's or purchaser's responsibility to determine any specification that may be needed in the use of one of these products.

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