LeMans models 5200-5204

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The LeMans is a classic, handmade, custom seat with a firm support. Like all our classic car seats, it comes in 4 standard configuation, leatherette with basket weave or corduroy, and in leather with corduroy or a perforated leather center. The configurations were used in the Recaro sport seat and the Porsche seat and the classic choice for the classic seats. The LeMans is currently our lightest seat and is used as a vintage race seat as a bolt in replacement and upgrade for the Porsche 914. Some customers have had the seat installed in the Porsche 904 replica, TR6, and Mini Coopers.

LeMans 5202 leatherette / basket weave $695
The LeMans seat in the classic car seat configuration. The basket weave was used from the mid 60's until the early 70's in the Lotus, MG, Triumph, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, and Volkswagen. Available in custom colors upon request. The headrest shown is the configuration for the Porsche 914, made to fit into the original rear padding. Other headrests available, please specify when ordering.

LeMans 5200 leatherette / corduroy $695
The LeMans seat with the fashionable corduroy was used from the late 50's to the mid 70's. The classic car seat look, with great seating comfort. It comes with the classic configuration of the racecars to the luxury cars of that period. Here is the LeMans shown with normal headrest.

LeMans 5204 leather / corduroy $875
A classic - the LeMans in the finest Italian leather with corduroy centers. A classic car seat at it's best. A great upgrade with the firm support and genuine leather. Pictured here with the BF headrest, it can be used on all other classic cars, not just the Porsche 914. Recaro and Scheel used these configurations for their best customers. It is also available in other colors upon request.

LeMans 5203 leather / perforated leather $995
The LeMans in the best configuration available. Italian leather at the sides and perforated leather for the center, it is the definition of a classic car seat. As in all LeMans classic car seats, it comes with an opening for the lap belt to accommodate the 5-6 point harness.
Brackets for most Makes and Models
Brackets for all Porsches 911 and Porsches 356 are in stock.
Brackets are also available separately.
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