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CAMP 914 Stainless Steel seat handles

Well here they are, these will not break I guarantee it! Easy to install. Includes the pop rivets. Not sold as singles, the other will also break, trust me. In the picture they look gold but they are silver in color.
$50.00 a pair. FREE shipping in the USA. Inquire for foreign shipment.

CAMP 914 Seat Heaters
Are you going to be in the hot seat this winter? You can if you have the new CAMP 914 seat heaters. We searched for over a year to find a good, complete and easy to install seat heater. These can be installed by an automotive upholstery shop or you can do them yourself. They come with complete instructions and a warranty.��You can buy one or two. These seat heaters have been tested in the Minnesota winters, and if they can warm your butt in Minnesota they can warm your butt anywhere. $110.00 each plus shipping.

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