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For the classic motor sport - the taller drivers' choice. The Avus seat is named after the famous Avus racetrack in Berlin, which used to be the fastest in Europe since the late 1920's to the mid 80's. Designed by GTS Classics, this new classic sport seat comes with a higher back, higher side support, lowered seating position and option for 5 and 6 point-harness installations. It is the perfect choice for the taller driver as it is designed to fit their needs best. The Avus resembles the rallye seats of the BMW's, Porsches, Datsuns and Fords of the late 1960's and early 70's. Similar to the Nurburgring seats, the Avus is the perfect choice for more side support for sport, race, and rallies. With a sturdy steel tube frame galvanized and powder coated, duralastic belts and fire resistant padding, it meets the latest requirements for 5-6 point harnesses. The Avus seat is nonadjustable in itself, so please install to fit for tilt and height. The Avus has the look of the Nurburgring and the comfort and dimensions like the Rallye to accommodate the tall drivers who enjoy classic rallies and vintage racing. Also available with our other headrests.

Avus 5100 leatherette / corduroy $795
With the classic German corduroy inserts this Avus is the classic sport seat. Recaro and Scheel were the ones to use these applications throughout the sport seat line. Corduroy gives you the classic look while holding you in place in this bucket seat for your driving, touring, or racing experience. Available in various colors, however corduroy is available in black only. Please contact GTS classics for other choices or different fabrics.

Avus 5102 leatherette / basket weave $795
The Avus - a new classic sport seat with the classic basket weave in the classic vintage car look. This German style basket weave blends in even better with your stock interior of the 60's and 70's. The option for the openings for your waist belts and the lap belt opening meet the requirements for most events and clubs. GTS classics strived to keep the Avus as close to a classic car seat as possible. One can also combine the Avus for the driver with the matching Nurburgring or LeMans seat, as this was done in the golden rallye years.

Avus 5103 leather / perforated leather $1075
A perfect custom leather seat for street, classic and/or vintage motor sports, handmade in the USA for GTS classics with the finest leather with the best comfort and support. The perforated leather gives you better comfort in hot days and a more distinguished look for your classic car. The Avus is the classic leather bucket seat the taller driver wants and will enjoy in your classic car. Also available in different colors, fabrics or patterns. Please contact GTS classics.

GTS Seats offers the option of a 5-point harness, which is required by most car clubs and sport events. This option will accommodate a 6-point harness as well.

All products are handmade with a high quality steel frame, protected with zinc and polyurethane for a long life. The padding, which gives the firmness and comfort, consists of fire resistant marterials. BF Torino uses duraelastic swing belts instead of old fashioned springs which gives the seat a lower profile. The choices of leatherette, Italian leather and basket weave are made of the best quality and durability. The basket weave's imprint is deeper than in the 60's and perforated which results in higher seating comfort.

In 2000 the seats were crash tested by the DEKRA and approved by the European Union. We always carry stock but as all seats are handmade, please ask for availability. For special colors, patterns and fabrics please ask for a quote and lead time.

Warning and Legal Waiver: We all realize that Motorsport is dangerous and every day traffic can be as dangerous. Modifying and tuning any vehicle with other than the factory approved parts can endanger your safety. No expressed or implied warranty is made as to products' suitability for any use or ability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes that risk. GTS shall not be liable to purchaser or to any third party for any damages arising out of the purchase, installation, recommendation or use of any product or combination of products. It is the user's or purchaser's responsibility to determine any specification that may be needed in the use of one of these products.

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