An original 1970 Porsche 914/6 VIN#9140431871

General info: Four total owners, three from the Los Angeles basin. Absolutely corrosion free and 103k chassis miles. VRCBC logbook. Street registered and pleasant to drive. The notariously recalcitrant Type 901 transmission, as modified in this 914/6, is buttery smooth to shift; the clutch is positive, light, and progressive. A very quick car on road or track. Black body, black top, black interior. VRC/SCCA approved roll cage, padded and upholstered, with removable right side diagonal brace component. OMP “Grip” drivers seat, with Fuller rotary 6-point quick-release harness. Drivers window net. Five segment “Wink” mirror. 5lb Halon engine bay, cab activated, fire suppression system. External electrical "kill" switch. Front chin mounted oil cooler w/AeroQuip braided stainless plumbing throughout. Fuel Safe fuel cell incorporated within the original 914/6 steel tank. 916 Porsche factory steel flares with the rear flares widened an addition inch.

Engine: 2.7 liter "7R" case, s/n 6461740. Elgin cam 306/288, w/0.485/0.45" lift, 11.2:1 compression, Cosworth pistons, Carillo rods, 46mm PMO's. Engine originally built by Mark Hergeschimer, (949)458-7223. Engine rebuilt 5/06 by Jeff Hines, (425)275-3527, new cams, new bearings, new rings, and a "new" 7R case, which was line bored and boat-tailed; heads, manifolds, and carbs, flow matched with 39mm intake ports. MSD AL-6 ignition, with variable RPM module. Coast Fabrication ITG MegaFlow low restriction foam air filters. Billet oil filter. July 2006 final carb tuning by The Carburetor Connection, Kirkland, WA, using a rear wheel dyno, indicated 230.3 RWHP. This engine has components which allow it to be safely twisted to 8200 RPM, however, since overhaul, in the interest of longevity, the engine as been rev-limited to 7200 RPM. The engine currently has approximately 3000 miles since overhaul, and it is tight, and smoke free, with no crankcase blowby.

Transmission: Type 901, side shift, original to this vehicle. Patrick Motorsports 914 tunnel shift rod bearings, rear side shift rod kit, W-apex joint & bushing kit, and various guides, bushings, and pivots. The original transmission was completely remanufactured 11/7/06 by Powerhaus II, (303)442-4327, ($7473.00, $1187.50 labor, $6285.50 parts, REM, cryo) all gears REM polished and cryo treated. All sliders, hub, and flanges also REM polished, and cryo treated. A new "904" mainshaft was used. External oilers, with internal spray bars, installed for cooling 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears. Transmission oil cooled with cab switchable Tilton electric pump, and 60 row external oil radiator. Billet alloy transmission intermediate plate installed. Transmission ratios are as follows: first-14/37, "B"; second-19/32, "H"; third-23/29, "N"; fourth-26/26,"T"; fifth-29/23,"Z". A "901" 4.428, 7:31 CWP OEM differential with a ZF mechanical limited slip. WEVO semi-solid transmission mounts.

Clutch: Patrick Motorsports 901 914 clutch kit, including a 215mm lightweight flywheel, 215mm CenterForce dual friction clutch, Delrin 914 clutch cable pulley wheel, fork pivot bushings, fork guides, and rebuilt 901 pedal assembly.
Suspension/Brakes: Front: RSR Struts, Charley Bar front sway bar, ventilated "S" brakes with Scat ducting cooling hose connecting to ram air supply opening on chin spoiler. Rear: Fully boxed and reinforced trailing arms, welded GT doubler chassis reinforcement, diagonal rear chassis stiffening tubes, cross drilled 914 brake disk, allowing use of stock parking brake. The chassis is aligned and corner balanced. Bilstein shocks used on all corners. NOTE: The mid-chassis dynamic flexural node point is tied into the integrated roll cage, thus providing additional longitudinal chassis stiffening.

Rims/Tires: Front: 9 x 17 Fuch's modular w/255/40/17 Yokohama Advan 032R, track = 68". Rear: 10 x 17 Fuch's modular w/275/40/17 Yokohama Advan 032R , track = 72".

Summary: Let me begin by telling you what this 914/6 is not… it is not a garage or concours d’elegance queen, as it’s paint wears the patina of track days, vintage races, and blue-sky highway miles. This 914/6 is the closest vehicle to a personal “go-kart” that can legally be street driven. Every modification on this vehicle has been purpose oriented, and has been effected to spare-no-expense standards. It is the epitome of a 916 Porsche… an RS spec motor, an extremely rigid chassis, instantaneous turn-in, neutral handling, and best of all… a flat-six “stereo”, complete with a right foot volume control! The 914/6 Porsche is arguably both the the sweetest handling Porsche ever built, and the rarest production Porsche ever built with only 3300 examples ever sold. During the ten years of my ownership, this vehicle has been driven to every track event, and vintage race, and then driven back to my home. It has proven to be both reliable and economical as a track day delight, and a fully sorted roadway scalpel, with which to artfully dissect a canyon road, or a sunny day Washington Cascade Mountain pass. Questions and vehicle inspection welcomed. $29,500

Edward A. Cahill, Jr.
811 South 9th Street
Mount Vernon, WA 98274